Two Roses

April 16, 2021

On 16th April 2021 the new album “Two Roses” from Avishai Cohen was released.

Two Roses is the result of a long process, with his trio (Mark Guiliana – Drums, Elchin Shirinov – Piano) and his collaboration with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Alexander Hanson, Cohen proves that this foray into classical music was not a passing whim but rather a sincere expression of his desire to remain free from the boundaries of “genre”.

“Recording with an orchestra is an adventure in itself. It’s nothing like making a jazz record, an orchestra has its own rhythm, you have to understand how they breathe” says Cohen. “Of course, 92 people won’t play a beat like two or three people would. There’s a kind of inertia, which you have to get used to. It’s like a horse, at once beautiful, powerful and delicate. When you listen to this record, it feels like embracing a journey, entering my world, in a deeper and denser way

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