Gently Disturbed – Avishai Cohen Trio – What the Papers say…

June 23, 2008

“With Gently Disturbed, this trio can only become a reference of jazz today.”
Le Monde France

“Much more than just a jazz musician, Avishai Cohen appears to be a true creator of elegant ditties and climates at once soothing and invigorating, able to attract a huge audience. ”
Jazzman (France)

“Tightly written and performed, this is a disc overflowing with wit and gently understated feeling, or ‘Structure in Emotion’ as the title of the final cut has it. A mini-masterpiece of contained dynamism.”
Jazzwise Magazine (UK)

Brad Mehldau may have defined the art of the trio for the 21st century from a pianist’s point of view. With his new trio, Cohen is making a case for a modern jazz trio more from the bassist’s perspective. Best of all, he does it without diminishing the role of the piano. Gently Disturbed, Cohen’s own Razdaz Recordz, is where Cohen rests his case. USA

“Cohen’s bass work is quite amazing; he makes the hulking string instrument into a true melodic voice.”
The Audiophile Audition USA

“(Cohen) shows total mastery as part of the tight unit as well as with his thoughtful solos.” USA

“A record without conventional jazz groove, but with an originality which wins in the quality of content”
Hallands Nyheter Sweden

“Avishai Cohen is currently leading a hugely creative jazz trio, a group that takes the standard piano-bass-drums format and gives it a jolt of brilliance. Gently Disturbed is swinging, refreshing and a pure joy.” USA

“Hard charging new jazz with some young lions in tow, Cohen takes it to the limit with an intriguing blend of sounds and attitudes…” USA

“Cohen’s jazz compositions are at once cerebral and emotional, with a firm sense of melody…his buoyant playing is full of inventive, challenging lines, but he doesn’t rely on technique alone….approachable and often deeply moving.” USA

“(Cohen) has an ear for astonishing melodic complexity. Cohen’s compositions, which make up the majority of the album, are as nimble as his arrangements and playing, and every bit as unconventional.”
City Paper (Washington, DC) USA

“By mixing the unconventional with the traditional, and adding a hint of Israeli sound, Gently Disturbed is a distinctive album…With any other ensemble, Gently Disturbed might have failed, but with the skill of Cohen and his trio, Gently Disturbed pioneers a new jazz sound.”
The Celebrity Café USA

“Beautiful piano trio jazz by any definition and superbly played by all.”
Buffalo News USA

“It is filled with fantasy and excitement and with a total understanding between the musicians, which sometimes leads to the most glorious of outcomes, full of total musical cooperation between Cohen, the pianist Shai Maestro and drummer Mark Guiliana.”
Nya Wermlands Tidningen Sweden

“Cohen’s magnificent, emotional and extrovert music is still a fantastic (powerful) and wonderful experience, with a supply of new, strong songs.”
Sydsvenska Dagbladet Sweden