Sensitive Hours (Shaot Ragishot) by Avishai Cohen

Sensitive Hours (Shaot Ragishot)

Avishai Cohen

Release date: 26/09/2008

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Avishai Cohen presents new music and band partners for a fresh musical journey into his Heritage and History deeply rooted in tradition from his native Israel.
Cohen brings his own unique brand of music to beautiful original compositions and traditional texts and music from history and his past, influenced by his musical experiences, family roots and Israeli culture.

This was the very first project and serious expression of Avishai Cohen introducing vocal in all compositions after being such a major influence of his generation in the International Jazz scene, over the last fifteen years.

The band line up, includes young and artistic talented musicians from Israel and the USA.

Including Avishai’s long term Award Winning Jazz Trio as it’s core.

Beauty straight from the heart to all.

Connected to his Origins "Avishai Cohen connects to his origins; growth, smells and tastes, and the feeling that he does it for love and affection - the genuine need for touching bases. It's a smart connection with its stylish contemporary music"

Yossi Harsonski - Yosmusic


Daniel Kedem, Patrick Merick, Aviad Bar-Ness – Photography

Alona Weiss – Artwork