Lady of the Forest by Karen Malka

Lady of the Forest

Karen Malka

Release date: 04/10/2010

Catalogue Number: RD4610

“Lady Of The Forest”, Karen Malka’s debut solo album, is a beautiful compilation of Karen Malka’s own compositions, influenced by her past and present, alongside a track composed by Avishai Cohen, who also performs on the album, and a traditional Hebrew poem.

This album is a collection of music from different phases of Karen Malka’s life. Some songs were written years before recording, “like seeds waiting underground to sprout”, as she puts it. The instrumental track was written when Karen was 18 years old and came to existence during sessions at home, carrying a whole new meaning at the time of its release. “Come With Me” was the last addition to this meaningful compilation. It is based on a prayer, originally forty pages long, written by Israeli poet  Meir Yanay. Karen copied the first few stanzas on a piece of paper and carried it in her purse for years. While rehearsing for this album recording, she found the piece of paper and wrote music to it that very night.

“Lady Of The Forest“ is a beautiful display of Karen Malka’s mesmerizing vocals, an enticing mix of jazz, blues and folk influences, and delicate, melancholic ballads. Throughout the album, she is accompanied by the fantastic musicians Avishai Cohen, who also composed the track “Looking For You”, Shai Maestro, Itamar Doari and Guy Shoham.

This talented musician's vocal capabilities are stunning. She magically combines the jazzy feel of the grand divas such as Billie Holiday or Nat King Cole, with the ferocious bluesy energies of Janis Joplin.

Adar Avisar, The Marker Café

Malka is very serious and incredibly creative on this album. The lyrics and the textual complexity are comparable to that of Peter Gabriel, Neal Morse (formerly the leader of Spock's Beard) or Brian Wilson. Musically, is there permission to record such a perfect album? Isn't it against the law?

Adar Avisar, The Marker Café


Recorded and Mixed at Kicha Studios, Israel – December 2009 – June 2010
Mixing and Recording Engineer: Marko Gurkan
Assistant Recording Engineer: Raz Liran and Asaf Shai
Mastering: Lars Nilsson – Nilento Studio –
Photographs: ORit Habib, Tal Shahar, Itamar Doari
Graphics and Design: Yagil Weiller

Produced by Avishai Cohen
Arrangements: Avishai Cohen and Karen Malka
String Arrangement on “Looking For you” : Avishai Cohen

Music and lyrics written and composed by Karen Malka
“Looking for you” – Written and composed by Avishai Cohen; GaduMusic / BMI
“Come With me: – Composed by Karen Malka; Lyrics extracted from “The Prayer for Pouring Light” (:Tfilat Hamitpalel Leor Yahel:) By Meir Yanay