Gently Disturbed by Avishai Cohen

Gently Disturbed

Avishai Cohen

Release date: 05/05/2008

Catalogue Number: RD4607

While to outward appearances the trio would seem to be the standard piano-bass-drum formula, the music they’ve created on Gently Disturbed is far from the standard jazz trio repertoire.
Featuring nine original compositions (written either by Cohen or by the trio collaboratively) including one traditional Israeli song, Gently Disturbed is an amalgamation of melody and groove, complexity and simplicity that nearly redefines the concept of jazz.

With the departure of long-time pianist Sam Barsh, Cohen has slightly reconfigured his trio with the addition of Israeli pianist Shai Maestro. Since Cohen is an accomplished pianist in his own right, and has performed on bass with such acclaimed jazz pianists as Danilo Perez, Brad Mehldau and of course Chick Corea, and because the previous keyboard players in his bands (Sam Barsh and Jason Lindner) have been exceptional, it is even more striking to note that Maestro is just reached 21 years old. Rounding out the trio is the brilliant drummer Mark Guiliana, who has been playing and touring with Cohen since 2003 and who Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2007 cited as “one of the best up-and-coming stars of today’s drumming scene.”

Teaming with energy, original ideas and virtuosic soloing by the bassist composer, 'Gently Disturbed', is another reason to consider Cohen among the elite bassists on the scene today.


Grooving chamber music. that may sound like a contradiction, but it is not. Cohen loves the challenge of bringing together opposites anyway: density and transparency, complexity and catchiness.

Jazz Thing Deutschland 


All compositions written and arranged by Avishai Cohen GADU MUSIC/BM
Tracks 4 and 6 Co-written with Shai Maestro and Mark Guiliana (HEERNT Music/BMI

Avishai Cohen uses Aguilar Amplifiers
Mark Guiliana uses Sabian Cymbals and Vic Firth Drumsticks

All tracks were recorded and mixed by Lars Nilsson on 24th – 28th September 2007 at Nilento Studios AB
Lars Nilsson – Sound Engineer Bo Savik : Assistant Sound Engineer
Nilento Studios AB. Algvagen 1 428 34, Kallered. Gothenburg. Sweden

Toby Larnder / Evanto – Art and Design
Anita Carlsson – Photography – Trio
Deirdre Keaney – Photography – Solo
Ray Jefford – Producer