Evolution by Amos Hoffman


Amos Hoffman

Release date: 05/03/2008

Catalogue Number: RD4606

Amos Hoffman’s long-time relationship with Avishai Cohen culminated in his first release with Razdaz Recordz. “Evolution” is an expressive and exciting collection of original music, with a lineup that includes Cohen on contrabass, and two of Israel’s most prominent musicians, ethnic percussionist Ilan Katchka and flautist Ilan Salem, in a combination of inspired melodies from the Middle East.

The rich, intricate compositions are performed by a spare group supported by percussion, flute, bass, piano and vocals, that provides plenty of space for Amos Hoffman’s own playing, in which he incorporates his love of Middle Eastern music and jazz.

Following “The Dreamer”, released in 1998 on the Spanish label Fresh Sound/New Talent, and “Na’ama”, which he released in 2006 on the Israeli label Magada, “Evolution” is Hoffman’s third solo release.

Now back in his homeland of Israel, where he has lived since 1999, Hoffman’s emphasis on the oud has extended beyond playing and writing to include the creation of fretless instruments; the oud he plays on “Evolution”, as on “Na’ama”, is one he designed himself.

It’s good, very good indeed, possibly one of the most successful music fusions recorded.

Chris Nickson, AllMusic.com


All songs written and arranged by Amos Hoffman.
Produced by Amos Hoffman
Executive Producer: Ray Jefford

Recorded and mixed by Bill Zur and Zvika Hirschler. Mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studios, Sweden.

Photography: Elad Deby
Artwork design: Yayehe S. Mehari and Noa Dolberg