Continuo by Avishai Cohen


Avishai Cohen

Release date: 26/05/2006

Catalogue Number: RD4603

Avishai Cohen’s award-winning album “Continuo” gloriously mixes classical, Middle Eastern music and jazz elements. “These elements together produced the combination of sounds I was looking for, and created a nice balance between composed and improvised music,” says Cohen.

“Continuo”, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed “At Home”, shows a working band’s magic, “which in this music is stronger than any concept,” Cohen explains. “I’m very grateful to have two young masters, pianist Sam Barsh and drummer Mark Guiliana, of their instruments with me to convey that they are, on one hand, young in their ever thirsty minds for more information, and, on the other, old enough in their souls to emotionally express themselves on a very high level through the compositions.”

The trio, a crackerjack band that for almost three years has thrilled fans around the world, was joined by Cohen’s long-time collaborator, fellow Israeli Amos Hoffman, who contributed his distinctive oud playing to several tracks on “Continuo”.

Avishai explains, “a lot of the new material on “Continuo” has a through-composed, classical music-like nature to it, as well as open sections for solos. In addition to that, there are strong Middle Eastern influences in some parts of the compositions. Contemplating the material for the album, I realized I wanted an additional colour added to the trio in order to enhance those influences. There was only one man for the job, Amos Hoffman. I’m excited and proud to offer you some moments of my life once again, reflected through the music”.

Cohen’s passion for romanticism, reflected in a truly moving lyricism and playful sophistication, along with his ability to locate and emphasize the balance between eastern and western harmonies make for an iconic, timeless statement and a proof of compositional excellence.

Seamlessly blending Middle Eastern, Folk, Funk, Fusion and straight-ahead Jazz... Cohen has fashioned a singular vision, and it’s a joy to experience.


This is a superbly controlled record, balancing the booming ego in Avishai Cohen’s bass lines with the diligent niceties of Sam Barsh’s baroque-infused piano and Amos Hoffman’s oud added for dramatic effect on half of the tracks.

Downbeat Magazine


All compositions written and Arranged by Avishai Cohen
Published by GADU MUSIC/BMI

All tracks were recorded and mixed by Lars Nilsson 10th – 17th December 2005, at Nilento Studios AB

Sound Engineer: Lars Nilsson
Assistant Engineer: Bo Savik

Ray Jefford – Producer
Asher Bitansky – Associate Producer

Mikal Kratz – Art and Design
Daniel Kedem – Photography