Caipi by Kurt Rosenwinkel


Kurt Rosenwinkel

Release date: 10/02/2017

Catalogue Number: RD4618

Acclaimed by critics as one of the most influential guitarists of his generation, Kurt Rosenwinkel makes a drastic turn in his musical direction in his debut album with Razdaz Recordz and his own new label Heartcore Records.

Caipi is easily Kurt Rosenwinkel’s most personal work to date. It features himself playing many instruments (drums, bass, piano, synthesizers, percussion) as well as vocals on tunes like the hard rocking “Hold On,” the dreamy “Summer Song” and the slow ballad “Ezra,” named after his son. The album includes elements of rock and jazz in Rosenwinkel’s unmistakable personal style, while leaving space for the evolving world of Brazilian music, showcasing his natural leaning towards the creation of melodies of great emotional impact, a distinctive element in his romantic artistic vision.

While most of the instruments are played by Rosenwinkel, there are some notable guests: Amanda Brecker provides Portuguese lyrics on “Kama” and backing vocals throughout Caipi. Special guest Eric Clapton offers his signature string-bending touch on the energetic pop track “Little Dream.” Rosenwinkel’s former musical partner Mark Turner delivers powerful tenor sax performances on “Ezra” and “Casio Escher.” Caipi also features new young Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and singer Pedro Martins.

About his newly found role as a frontman singing his own thoughtful, metaphysical lyrics, Rosenwinkel says, “Writing songs with lyrics has always been very much a part of my musical world, but they’ve usually stayed in my private sphere. With Caipi, I realized that these were also lyric songs and that ultimately I would sing them as well. It’s definitely something different from my other albums, but it’s a familiar place for me and it was just a matter of doing what the music needed.”

With Caipi, Rosenwinkel presents eleven enticing, effervescent compositions. It is the most uplifting album he has ever made, a call to resilience and not to give in to negativity.

‘Caipi’ is nothing if not an audacious effort from a gifted guitarist and composer looking to spread his wings. He frequently soars.


In Caipi, Rosenwinkel has achieved a rare thing - an album at one enigmatic and accessible, virtuosic yet light in touch