As Is... by Avishai Cohen

As Is...

Avishai Cohen

Release date: 27/04/2007

Catalogue Number: HN4531

In 2007, “As Is… Live At The Blue Note”Avishai Cohen’s first live CD/DVD was released by Half Note Records in partnership with RazDaz Recordz. Audiences can appreciate the groove, harmony, strength, enthusiasm, and elegance of Avishai’s exemplary performance “at home,” which features Sam Barsh on piano and keyboards, Mark Guiliana on drums, as well as special guests Jimmy Greene on saxophone and Diego Urcola on trumpet.

One of the main ingredients on this live CD/DVD is the magic and power of a working band, “which in this music is stronger than any concept” as Avishai himself puts it. Avishai, Sam, and Mark are a crackerjack trio that has been delighting fans around the world for more than three years and has matured into one of the most fun and interesting trios on the scene to date. Their empathy and respect in their interactions, the pure joy and enthusiasm they share in performing music with each other, is part of what makes Cohen’s music connect with listeners on many levels. “As Is… Live At The Blue Note” is the definitive documentation of this trio.

The live album offers an overview of Avishai’s career with highlights from his spectacular recordings: ‘Smash’, ‘Elli’, ‘Samuel’, ‘One For Mark’ and ‘Nu Nu’ are from Continuo (Razdaz, 2006), ‘Remembering’ and ‘Feediop’ were featured on At Home (Razdaz, 2005), ‘Etude’ stems from the brilliantly conceived recording Unity Avishai Cohen & The International Vamp Band, Stretch, 2001), and ‘Bass Suite #1’ is a fan favorite from Avishai’s debut release, Adama (Stretch, 1998).

As Is... is Cohen's first live record, and it's a beauty.

Jazz Times CD Review

This is a musician I've never seen perform in concert, but after listening to this disc, that is going to have to change. Bassist Avishai Cohen's band features music with complex but accessible melodies, intriguing changes in tempo and mood, along with some spectacular soloing by the likes of Jimmy Greene (sax) and Diego Urcola (Trumpet)...Cohen's bass work, be it electric or acoustic, as on the (literally) blistering 'Feediop' is astonishing in technique, yet with a warm glow, like the sun bouncing off the sand in the Negev desert. This is music that is sophisticated, inspiring and a great direction for jazz.

Jazz Weekly USA


All compositions by Avishai Cohen, GADU MUSIC, BMI.
Except “Caravan” By Duke Ellington/Juan Tizol, EMI Music
Publishing/Famous Music LLC, ASCAP

Recorded August 31st – September 1 2006 at The Blue Note, New York

Audio facilities provided by Aura-Sonic Ltd.
Recorded and mixed by Steve Remote.
Assisted by Kazutaka Noda, Robert Carvell, Lou Gimenez, Adam Kushner and Alex Coumatos.
ProTools and Engineering by Jon D’Uva

Jeff Levenson – Producer
Steven Bensusan – Executive Producer
Sarah Fishbein – Associate Producer

Chuck Fishbein – Video Director and Editor
Molly Gobel – Art Direction and Package Design
Daniel Kedem – Photos and bonus video segment