Arvoles by Avishai Cohen


Avishai Cohen

Release date: 07/06/2019

Catalogue Number: RD4619

“Trees” in the ancient Ladino language, “Arvoles”, composed over the last few years, features original instrumental compositions and one traditional song. Avishai Cohen’s music has clearly been identified with his own unique DNA. “It’s impossible to escape from myself, even if I would want to.” In “Arvoles”, his dynamic influences are still unmistakable; There’s bebop and hard bop, swing hip hop and traces of classical music and Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

With every new release Avishai Cohen’s personality shines through brighter. “Arvoles” was recorded with his core trio, drummer Noam David (Israel) and pianist Elchin Shirinov (Azerbaijan), both astounding musicians and composers in their own right.

“Most of the compositions in this album seem to deal with looking back. There’s even horns in there, Björn Samuelsson (trombone) and Anders Hagberg (flute) which I hadn’t included in my writing for some time. You could say I’m going back to basics, but with the maturity and vision that the last couple of decades have brought me. Nostalgia at its best is the strongest, most romantic, sincere, bitter-sweet feeling. And I agree it’s all over the record, with compositions like ‘Childhood’, ‘New York ‘90’s’ and ‘Nostalgia’.”

“I had the happiest of childhoods, and I’m very proud I could include one of my mother’s paintings on the front cover of the album. She’s an artist in her own right, and it just made things come a full circle”, says Cohen.

Once again, Avishai Cohen presents us with a masterful release, full of raw emotion, joy, and the pure pleasure of playing and listening together.

Avishai Cohen is possibly the most prolific double bass player of his generation … (he) unboxes his entire palette for us with impressive technical solos, both in pizzicato playing and with the bow which he masters wonderfully … the arrangements demonstrate rare finesse.

Bassist Magazine

With playful abilities, Avishai Cohen seems to pave the way to the future of jazz with his new album ‘Arvoles’.

Wilhem Klotzek, rbb24


All compositions written and arranged by Avishai Cohen (GADU MUSIC / Sony ATV) Produced by Avishai Cohen and Lars Nilsson Executive Producer Razdaz Recordz Recorded mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studio, Sweden, February 18th – March 15th 2019.

Nilento studio production team: Jenny Nilsson, Michael Dahlvid and Joar Hallgren.

Original Art – Ora Cohen
Graphic Design – Toby Larnder