All Original by Best Young Israeli Jazz

All Original

Best Young Israeli Jazz

Release date: 06/10/2014

Catalogue Number: RD4612

“All Original” is a beautiful compilation of music from the growing Israeli Jazz Scene, which in recent years has seen an abundance of mature, young jazz musicians coming out of Israel. The collection is presented and produced by Avishai Cohen.

In the Israeli Jazz Scene, there is an incredible birth and growth of serious musicians who are making their voices increasingly heard. Avishai Cohen has decided to help them speak out even louder through the creation of this album, personally selecting some of the leading and promising musicians of the Israeli Jazz movement who are of great inspiration to him. He has hand-picked the musicians featured on this release: Some of them have even been part of his own bands and trio configurations. “To be a great artist one needs to have a meaningful life experience and story to tell and Israel certainly encourages that. The one thing that makes this an exceptional recording is the fact that all five band leaders are great composers in the making and are hinting to where the music is going now. It’s not just about New York anymore, Israel is now a jazz entity”, says Avishai Cohen.

Features in this album: pianist Omri Mor, drummer Ofri Nehemya and his Quartet, the collective “Jupiter”,  guitarist Shachar Elnatan and his Quartet, and pianist Nitai Hershkovits, who has partnered Avishai Cohen on his albums “Duende” (2012) and “Almah” (2013).