50 Gold Selection by Avishai Cohen

50 Gold Selection

Avishai Cohen

Release date: 27/11/2020

Catalogue Number: M7228

“Avishai Cohen – The 50 Gold Selection” is a collection of Avishai Cohen’s most popular songs chosen by his fans through a 2019 fan survey in a unique Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set featuring 6 remastered Golden 180gr LPs. It also includes a 32 page hardcover book with notes written personally by Avishai, rare photos, a special poster and other exclusive content. This is the first time the music of Avishai Cohen has been released and presented in such an exclusive way, with 250 minutes of remastered recordings from his worldwide album releases since 1998. The Vinyl Box Set features 50 selected tracks such as Remembering, Seven Seas, Eleven Wives, Morenika and Song Of Hope, from 12 of his albums, including bestsellers Gently Disturbed, Aurora, Continuo, 1970 and many more…

“Avishai Cohen – The 50 Gold Selection” is a special thank you from him to his most loyal fans and followers in his 50th year, making it a unique exclusive collector’s item.

The 50 Gold Selection Vinyl Box Set includes:

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