Avishai Cohen’s best-selling album “Gently Disturbed” has been re-released on vinyl.

November 21, 2013

In 2010 this 12″ vinyl was released as a limited edition, with only 1000 being made. They were very popular and went quickly. People still ask about it so we’ve decided to bring it back to our stores for you lovers of vinyl.

The vinyl contains a selection of the music from the original CD, ‘Gently Disturbed’ plus a bonus track ‘Young Maestro’ which was recorded at the same time as the album but never released on CD. The decision not to include all the original tracks allows us to produce a better sound quality.

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Side A.
Seattle – 2.53
Chutzpan – 5.12
Stucture In Emotion – 6.23
Young Maestro – 5.26
Run Total: 19.54

Side B.
Gently Disturbed – 3.50
Eleven Wives – 5.18
Puncha Puncha – 3.55
Ever Evolving Etude – 6.16

Avishai Cohen – bass
Mark Guiliana – drums
Shai Maestro – piano