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Locked in a Basement - HEERNT

Locked in a Basement

Artist: HEERNT

Catalogue Number: SSC 4604

Release Date: 6th June 2006


01. Johnny2Rocketime
02. Locked in a Basement
03. Brown Bird, Olive Sloth, Green Dragon
04. Nice
05. Aaaahh..
06. Make Me Dance, Make Me Dance
07. Sea Urchin, See Urchin Run
08. Quick Groove Rolling
09. Love comma Mark
10. Pi ~ 3.1415
11. Brawling On Epic Landforms

Album Information

Mark Guiliana - Drum, electronics
Neal Persiani - Electric Bass
Zac Colwell - Saxaphome, Juno-60

HEERNT [hear’nt]
noun, verb, adjective (pl. Heernt) An Adventurous New Band Featuring Mark Guiliana (drums, electronics), Neal Persiani (electric bass) and Zac Colwell (saxophones, juno-60). 2. the first signing to Avishai Cohen’s Razdaz Recordz.

Heernt [hear’nt]
noun, verb, adjective (pl. Heernt) a term that can be liberally applied when one finds themselves speechless, and/or at a loss for the grammatically correct, or proper word to describe an object, thing, person or situation. 2. a suitable substitution for the plethora of expletives commonly used by young, creative, rambunctious human beings.

HEERNT debut album, Locked in a Basement, is an adventurous statement from three creative, young, musically-footloose musicians, drummer/composer Mark Guiliana, electric bassist Neal Persiani, and saxophonist/keyboardist Zac Colwell, that is built of equal parts jazz, indie rock, and electronic. Drummer Mark Guiliana, of Avishai Cohen’s trio, founded HEERNT with intention of reaching audiences far and wide with un-classifiable music, and having a blast doing so. The band’s debut album, Locked In a Basement tells eleven stories in varied settings, including a garage jazz ruckus, an analog funk anthem, an outer space big band, and an epic chamber piece, all in HEERNT’S unique voice.
“Mark is a gifted young voice in the drum world in addition to being a visionary band leader, in his own right. I am constantly inspired by him.” - Avishai Cohen

“Mark is truly one of the up-and-coming stars of today’s drumming scene.”
- Modern Drummer, December 2006

“Mark Guiliana is going to be HUGE. Watch out.”
- Kurt Stein, Fever Pitch Magazine

“Mark may well be at the forefront of an exciting new style of drumming.”
- Modern Drummer, January 2005

“ Guiliana’s percussion was unimaginable, effortless and mind-blowing, gliding over the kit as fast as a hummingbird and making as many sounds as an orchestra.”
- Gemma Hempson, Bridport , UK

“Mark Guiliana is probably the wildest drummer I saw playing live – at times, it seems as if he was battling with his compact drum-kit, at other time he was lashing at it like a violent educator; but there were moments of gentle expressive loving as well, and to tell you the truth, it seemed that these moments required the most out of him. His playing was fluent and mesmerizing.”
- Avi Shaked, Tel Aviv

“Drummer Mark Guiliana plays with an authority that could suit jazz or thrash.”
- Jazz Times, September 2006

“Guiliana, a refreshingly excitable drummer, did much to sustain this flamenco-like atmosphere with solos that alternated furious explosions of superfast stickwork with tense little silences, pregnant with imminent violence.”
- Jack Massarik, London Evening Standard

“…drummer Mark Guiliana spilled himself over the drum set as one who throws all the dishes off the table, a mix of rage and rhythm.”
- Luis Arronte Ygartua, La Opinion de Granada
“Guiliana’s restless drumming established an agitatedly inventive authority”
- John Fordham, The Guardian

“Mark is an example of the ultimate drummer of our times; he’s got incredible fire in his playing, as well as the most delicate dynamic abilities. As a musician, he is open to all music, and is capable of playing any style he wishes with great depth and dedication. I truly feel I have found the answer for drums with Mark. Beyond that, he is a real visionary and a true friend.”
- Avishai Cohen

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