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Hello and welcome to the home of Razdaz Recordz.

Razdaz has proudly established itself as a key independent record label, bringing young artistic talent to the forefront of the music industry with the enthusiastic help of its close partners.

Razdaz Recordz was founded in New York City during 2002 by internationally acclaimed bassist, composer and band leader, Avishai Cohen, with his manager Ray Jefford.

Cohen wanted Razdaz to record and produce younger musicians who he has lots of enthusiasm for, but initially the label was to give him an outlet to creatively express the diversity of his own musical vision and artistic passions.

"I've always been interested in several genres of music, including jazz, rock, pop, Latin and funk," says Cohen. "I'm always packed with ideas. I decided to start my own label because I'm involved in so many different projects." (Avishai Cohen, 2003)

Razdaz released its debut in September 2003 with ‘Lyla’ (Avishai Cohen) an extraordinary 11-song collection that encompasses a range of styles and showcases Cohen's multifaceted musical prowess.

Razdaz Recordz established worldwide connections and distribution through its many collective partners to ensure the music is spread wide and in many mediums.

To date the label has produced twelve releases; 5 albums by its founder Avishai Cohen, and the remaining are by other young talents that Cohen has either performed with or been surrounded by in his musical world.

After ‘At Home’ (2005) and ‘Continuo’ (2006), Razdaz released its fourth album with drummer Mark Guiliana, whom had performed with Avishai as part of his trio for five years. Guiliana then decided to go on his own musical journey and created ‘Locked in a Basement’ with his own band ‘HEERNT’, ‘a slick burnin' electrofunk Trio’, (Time Out New York, June 2006).

‘As Is...Live at the Blue Note’ released together with Half Note Records in 2007, was Avishai’s first live recording.

In 2008 the label released three new projects, bringing to the forefront fresh exciting talent and original music from US based Sam Barsh, ‘one of the most freakishly talented, tasteful and fresh-sounding newcomers today’, (Philip Di Pietro - AllAboutJazz.com) and Amos Hoffman, Israeli oudist. Avishai Cohen also released ‘Gently Disturbed’, which to this date is a favourite for many.

Saxophonist, Jimmy Green from Canada joined Razdaz in 2009 producing ‘Mission Statement’. Amos Hoffman returned with a second release in 2010 called ‘Carving’, an album heavily influenced by his friends and family. 2010 was also a new start for Israeli female singer, Karen Malka who had been touring with Avishai Cohen for 3 years prior to her debut release titled ‘Lady of The Forest’.

2012 sees Razdaz Recordz release its twelfth album, with a new addition to the Razdaz musical family, flautist Ilan Salem. ‘Wild’ is Salem’s third album but first under Razdaz, it blends Israel heritage with Salem’s modern ideas of composition, supported by a tight band.

Featured Album

All Original
A beautiful compilation of music from the growing Israeli Jazz Scene, where in recent years has seen an abundance of mature, young jazz musicians coming out of Israel.

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